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The State of State enterprises in Sri Lanka

State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) play a significant role in the country’s economy .The continued underperformance of many State Owned Enterpises have accumulated enormous losses, even to the point of destabilising public finances. Our SOE dashboard will analyse the complexity of the problem and emphasise the urgency of reforms.

52 Strategic SOEs

Rs 1.8 Trillion Total SOE Debt (Includes only non financial public corporations) as at 2021

Rs 1.5 Trillion Total Cumulative Losses (2007 to 2021)

Rs 1.5 Trillion+ Total Cumulative Profits (2007 to 2021)


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Sri Lanka Water Board makes profits, tax-payers inject Rs28bn

Sri Lanka’s state-run National Water Supply and Drainage Board has made a profit of 5.2 billion rupees in the year to December 2023, after a tariff increase despite not getting money for 25 percent of its water it pumps out. Total revenues went up to 61.8 billion rupees in 2023 from 35.4 billion rupees, a […]

Sri Lanka state airport agency swimming in cash after sovereign default

State-run Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd is swimming in cash after a sovereign default halted debt repayments allowing it to post a profit of 29.7 billion rupees with 10.4 billion rupees in interest income, official data showed. In April 2022 Sri Lanka declared a sovereign default after printing large volumes of money over more than […]

Sri Lanka’s CPC makes Rs120bn profit in 2023 after Rs884bn tax-payer injection

Sri Lanka’s state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has made profits of 120.3 billion rupees, helped by a 20 billion forex gain and a lower interest bill, compared to 617 billion rupees when the currency collapsed in the previous year. In 2022, CPC posted a loss of 617.5 billion rupees, with 529.4 billion rupees coming the rupee […]

Divesting SOEs can generate greater profits through taxation: Sri Lanka restructuring unit

 Some profitable state-owned enterprises are being divested because the government can generate far greater profits through taxation, Sri Lanka’s SOE restructuring unit has said. “Taxes yield greater benefit to the public with far less financial cost and resources, burdening the country,” SOERU, established under the Ministry of Finance, said on its social media page X (twitter). […]