As a result of the limited availability of information on SOEs there is no clear way to demonstrate the impact that SOEs have on an economy. By way of this platform, the Advocata institute has tried to present all available information that is easily accessible to the public. Our SOE's dashboard tries to evaluate the performance of state owned enterprises. This has been carried out by developing a scorecard and then ranking 52 State Owned enterprises based on their overall scores. The methodology for the ranking can be accessed from the link below.

Our Methodology

State of State Enterprises

Advocata's latest Report "State of State Owned Enterprises 2022 " is a deep dive on the impact of State Owned Enterpises, on Sri Lanka's economy. Our Governance and Consolidation Plan provides a roadmap of essential governance and non-governance reforms .


"The best course of action is to align the incentives of owners so that proper controls are implemented. That requires privatisation, complete or partial. It is simply not possible to run a fully State-owned airline in the competitive era without burdening the public".